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Special packages

If you are looking for a romantic weekend for two – from a culinary package to a unique beauty & spa weekend – you will find it here at Schlosshotel Lerbach. 

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Social program

You are looking forward that your booked conference for your colleagues, clients and especially for you will be an unforgettable and successfull event.

With an corresponding social program or incentive your event will be unique. Advancement of motivation and teambuilding are the basics of corporate efficiency in the nowadays.

Cookery parties in the castle

Surprise your clients, coworkers, family or friends with an exciting evening at our cooking school. It will be an unforgettable evening individually tailored to your ideas and wishes.

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Wine Seminar

Learn the secrets of wine tasting and test the sensitivity of your senses. Introductory seminar with:

  • Wine samples
  • Sensory training
  • Apple test
  • Visually obscured aroma samples

With four high-quality wines you will learn first hand how to correctly taste and assess a wine. This wine training will have a duration of two hours and take place in our wine cellar or the lounges under the direction of our chef-sommelier from the gourmet restaurant, Mr. Thomas Sommer. 

€ 90.00 per person

With a segway through the "Bergische Land"

It isn't a scooter or hovercraft, and it most definitely isn't a prop from Star Trek. It feels as if you had wheels under your feet or as if you were floating. Why not try something new? Learn the art of segway driving and experience a new form of transportation.

€ 110.00 per person for a two-hour drive including safety briefing


Hit the mark – Train your marksmanship and focus on the target. You either fight as a team or on your own and collect valuable points on your personal way forward. 

Our 28 ha palace park offers the chance to get to know this traditional and enigmatic sport from a safe distance. A sportive, competitive event!

€ 115.00 per person

A different golf course

Treat yourself and your team to an extraordinary and exciting day. Forget your everyday hassles and experience a different way to play golf. After familiarizing yourself with the basics, you will have the opportunity to practice and improve your tee in an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere. You and your team will try to hit various laptops, screens etc. which have been positioned in close proximity to the tee. The number of tees is limited.

Price: € 100.00 per person

Furthermore, after adequate briefing and support, you can directly opt for our offer "Cross-Golfing". At first glance, it looks like cross-golf in the traditional sense, but unusual targets lie in store for the golf enthusiast. Enjoy the outdoors and the pleasant atmosphere in our castle park and forget your worries cross golfing.

Price: € 115.00 per person

Ipad Trophy - Treasure hunt on the palace grounds

Seven artefacts – two diplomatic briefbases – one hidden document. Immerse yourself into the secret world of the 19th century, solve the mysteries of the castle hotel and and find the secret naval treaty before the old tower clock strikes midnight.
Unlock the secrets of the painting in the library, the mysterious inscription on the fireplace mantle, the flacon in the chapel as well as the old chest and find the right coverslip combination for the "laterna magica".

Your group's tool will be several iPads to top off the event, create a suspenseful atmosphere and lead the teams from one puzzle to the next. Get to know your teammates in a whole new way and experience the combination of the tablet computer's technical and graphical capabilities and the tangible experience of historic artefacts and history.

Course of the senses - tea tasting

As an ideal supplement or simply instead of the legendary five o’clock tea, upon your arrival we'll take you to faraway Asia. We would like to offer passionate tea drinkers and those who wish to become one an unforgettable chance to attend a tea tasting with our tea partner Wellmondo and receive information about tea from all over the world. Expect an unforgettable tea variation, learn where it comes from and how it is harvested, how quality control is implemented, about the pricing of the tea, about the ingredients and effects of tea, and much more.

Chocolate - a sweet persuasion

We also offer a sophisticated chocolate tasting. Expect an exciting composition of flavours from various high-quality chocolates and fruits. A whole new world of indulgence beckons with an exquisite range of culinary delights. Chocolate is mild, hot, creamy, sinful. A sensual luxury that makes us happy. We are pleased to offer you this sweet way of life by the Chocolaterie Valrhona in a charming, personal setting.

  • Dip selected fruits in finest premium chocolate
  • Differently tempered chocolate
  • Degustation with various flavours (pepper, mint, chili, thyme, cinnamon)